I started CURRENT Winnipeg with a desire to build a community of people who appreciate the same things I do ... events with a beautiful aesthetic, great food and drinks, and supporting small, local businesses. The intention was to launch the concept with a summer festival and build from there.


Then COVID hit.


So, with the festival postponed twice, I decided to switch the focus in 2021 from large, energetic gatherings to smaller, more pandemic friendly ones.


The desire remains the same: Gather people with great local food and drinks and beautiful aesthetics.


                         Owner & Creative Director


CURRENT Winnipeg Brand Values:

  • Be extraordinary. Do things that haven’t been done.

  • Prioritize beautiful design. Aesthetics matter.

  • Treat everyone like a VIP. Everyone has value.

  • Choose local. Small businesses are the soul of our community.

  • Work and play as a community.

CURRENT Winnipeg
Elevated Event Experiences