Step 1: Choose Your Location

NOTE: We do not set up outside of Winnipeg city limits  for picnics with fewer than 8 people and these bookings are subject to availability ... ie both evening time slots need to be available.

Outside Dinner

There's No Place Like Home

Your own backyard is ideal for a picnic.

Pros: It's a short commute, close to toilets and it's easy to move inside if the weather changes. You are also welcome to add your own alcoholic beverages to your picnic if you are on private property.

Cons: You already spend a lot of time there ... especially this year!


Make a Recommendation

We have some favourite spots and are happy to make a recommendation. Let us know if you prefer a spot with privacy or more public.

Pros: You are guaranteed a picturesque experience.

Cons: These spots are all on public property so you cannot include any alcohol at your picnic and we can't guarantee 100% privacy. They also aren't all near a toilet.


I have a plan

Do you and your SO have a special spot? Is there a location you have in mind? We are happy to discuss any ideas you have. While we can't guarantee it will be do-able we will do what we can to accommodate! 

Contact us to discuss locations.

Step 2: Choose A Design Theme


Black Tie Casual


Bright & Bold


Urban Boho

Step 3: Choose Optional Add-ons


S'mores - $35

We will provide s'more ingredients as well as a roasting sticks and portable, tabletop bonfire.​

**this price is for 2 - 4 people. 

Special Day Image


If you are looking for a specific service or experience, we are happy to help out.


We can provide a photographer, candy, other desserts, balloon garland, bluetooth speaker with playlist, live music or almost anything else you might need to make your picnic unique and extra special.


Contact us to discuss options and pricing.


For more detailed information:

Bookings are now closed for 2021.